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100 Men Welcome Children Back to John P. Freeman Optional School

It takes a village to raise a child…

…as everyone who has ever been a parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent, pastor, teacher, candy lady, or cafeteria cook knows. Every person who joins that village takes a part in helping to raise a child, whether that be by providing food and shelter to nourish and protect their bodies as they grow, or by giving the knowledge necessary to help develop and hone their minds and prepare them for adulthood. Either way, the more people who are involved in this growth, the easier it is to support each and every child and make sure that every child has what he or she needs. As the old saying goes, many hands make for easy work, and every tree has many branches.

This year, men of the Whitehaven community gathered to give the students of John P. Freeman Optional School the warmest welcome possible on their first day of school. We are so honored to have had men of Reaves Law Firm give their time and energy to be apart of this beautiful event, known as the 100 Men Greeting. In it, they lined the halls of the school, clapping and cheering as the students arrived.

We do this for all of the hard work we know they’ll be doing this year…

…and because every child needs to know that there is a village that loves and supports them enough to show up for them in doing something as simple as making them feel welcome, wanted, and excited about their first day of classes. We do this to show children that they do have the support of the fathers, brothers, uncles in their communities. We lined up to let the children know that we care and want them to succeed and that each and everyone of them has people cheering for their successes everyday.

Children, know that everyday, we are rooting for you to try, try, and try again, to study hard, and to succeed in all of your academic endeavors.

Fill your heads with knowledge and understanding, your hearts with compassion, and your spirits with the beauty of friendship. Welcome back, children of Memphis. We wish you a beautiful and productive school year.

When you let Reaves Law Firm be your voice, you are supporting people who support you.

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