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Client Testimonials

“Attorney Reaves is a great philanthropist and community-oriented law firm with compassion for his clients.”

- Patricia A. Rogers, Former Client

“I’m a client now I love the staff they are friendly and they help you with all your need Reaves law firm I recommend you.”

- Toyia Long, Former Client

“I recommended Reaves Law Firm, PLLC to everyone they really do Great work. Thanks Reaves Law Firm, PLLC.”

- Annaya Cochenia Vaughn Hickman, Former Client

“Great Firm. Attorney Reaves. He will FIGHT FOR YOU.”

- Eric Turner, Former Client

Very satisfied

“I want to thank the Reaves Law Firm, PLLC they treated me like I was family when I first went to them and my case was handled in a timely manor I was very comfortable with Reaves doing what they do.”

- Orlain, Former Client

“Henry Reeves is a great law firm he make sure he get with you needs so go get Henry he will work it out for you I got my money back in no time.”

- Felicia Hudson, Former Client

“You can trust Reaves Law Firm, PLLC! Henry Reaves will care for you just like family. I’ll never use anyone else.”

- Jamille Hill-Bernard, Former Client

“Excellent group of Litigants, I’m not an attorney but I’ve had the pleasure of working along side the attorneys and staff, very professional and put their clients forefront.”

- Tony Hutton, Former Client

“Reaves Law Firm, PLLC has been very helpful in insurance settlements on two wrecks I was involved with. The staff is very kind and helpful and goes the extra mile!”

- Jon Benjamin Sharp, Former Client

“Attorney Reaves is an awesome guy!!! I appreciate you and your team for all that you done for me. If I could give 10 stars, I would!! Once again, thank you, Peter, and Leslie for the great service. God Bless…”

- Carol Williams-Tatum, Former Client

The man that saved my career and my life.

“A sum of 2 years ago I was charged with 6 aggravated assault charges, and later the DA felt I got the lesser charges so they decide to charge me with first degree attempted murder. I was arrested October 28, Mr. Reaves came on the 30th just two days after, I was impressed. When we first talked and he gave me a consultation he made sure he let me know that he will fight for me to the fullest extent. I didn’t expect to much but I wasn’t in full belief because I was in a city that wronged me, but over the course of 21 days in jail attorney Reaves built my confidence by displaying his incentive, knowledge, and determination. I was his first criminal case, so in all other metaphors he took those gloves off and prepared to win. He knew what possible outcomes could take place but his diligence allowed him not to be defeated. Even though I had no criminal history and I was eligible for first offense diversion he didn’t take no plea, even when I was reindicted for the higher charge he never gave up on me. During the course of 2 years we had several trials and although he was a civil attorney he went against two of the most respected defense attorneys Memphis had to offer. But Mr. Reaves was prepared for them and surprised them as well. In the end result I can still be an engineer with my clear name because he was triumphant. I owe him so much more then money and gratitude he saved my life and I’m eternally grateful. If you ask me what Lawyer is the best for any situation civil and or criminal I will say attorney Reaves. He knows the value of your life and your possessions and he will fight for them with all he has.”

- Rashaad, Former Client

“Attorney Reaves is a caring individual first and foremost basically a good person.”

- Timothy Byrd, Former Client

“The place to go when you need a lawyer.”

- Jimmie Williams, Former Client



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