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Personal Injury FAQ

Answers to Common Questions About Injury Claims
Personal injury litigation can be complex, but our attorneys do this every day, and are here to provide you with answers to some of the most common questions about this area of the law!
You may have heard an injury attorney say before that there’s “no fee unless we win.” Well, it’s true. Many personal injury lawyers do not charge an up-front or flat-fee, but instead take a percentage of the total recovery as payment for attorney fees and expenses. If the attorney doesn’t win, that fee is waived. Percentages differ, but in many cases range between 20-35%.
Again, this is something that varies so much from case to case that it is impossible to estimate exact or even average values. Plaintiff injury attorneys attempt to recover financial compensation in a number of categories, added up to arrive at a total recovery. Compensation can come in the form of medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering, to name a few examples.
The best way to determine if you have a personal injury case is to speak with one of our attorneys directly. We will be able to evaluate your claim and determine your legal rights and options. As a plaintiff injury law firm, we represent those who have been injured or wronged by the negligence, carelessness, or wrongdoing of others.
Retaining an attorney is crucial for any personal injury case for a few reason. First, it’s crucial because of the fierce opposition you will face. The attorneys representing your opposition, usually a large business or corporation, handle these types of cases every day. It’s their job to minimize your case or get it dismissed entirely. You’ll need a strong attorney, well versed in these tactics, to advocate for your best interests. Second, retaining an attorney is crucial because your case could go to trial. Not all attorneys are created equal, so choosing a skillful litigator is also of the utmost importance.

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